August #AuthorTip: Avoid Harmful Comparisons

Continuing this post series with a tip for not letting other authors’ successes destroy your confidence:

Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes with someone else’s highlight reel. Learn and embrace your writing cycle.

A lot of times, you might see authors posting truly impressive word count updates and feel like you’re dragging your feet. Or you might see someone publishing four titles a year while you’re struggling to put out one. The thing is, you rarely see someone’s struggle online–we tend to keep that bottled up pretty well and only post our triumphs. It’s both a boost for us and a way to make it look easy. We want to make ourselves look good. Like we know what we’re doing… ’cause we totally do! No, seriously. 😉

But you never know what’s going on behind the scenes. Could be those four books had been written over the last ten years. Could be someone writes 20,000 words in a week and then doesn’t turn on the computer for the next month. Everyone writes at their own pace, and that works for them. Rather than try to emulate them, learn what works for you, and embrace it.

Do you write a little every single day? Great! Keep at it. Do you write in massive bursts for weeks and then need a month or so off to recharge (like I do)? That works, too. Do you word-vomit the first draft in record speed and then go back to flesh it out over ten months and fifty drafts? Go for it. Do you prefer to write cleaner first drafts to see the story take shape on the page as you go? You do your thing!

The point is, whatever gets you from Chapter 1 to The End is what you need to be doing. There’s no universal formula to make you write faster or better, you just have to sit down and do it, and not let other people’s achievements undermine your own. Don’t compare, don’t envy, don’t emulate… just write.

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