Smashwords Partners With Findaway Voices

On March 21st, Smashwords announced it was partnering with Findaway Voices to help their Indie authors with the beginning stages of audiobook production. In the blog post, Mark Coker shared the basics of the partnership and his observations on how audiobooks are a growing market and a new opportunity for a wider audience for Indie authors.

It was all great news. What the blog post didn’t share, however, were some additional details I later found in this Forbes article where Mark Coker contributed an interview.

Here’s the deets:

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2017 Smashwords Survey

Every year, the CEO of Smashwords publishes a survey on the company’s blog. It talks about things like genre popularity, most effective price points, most popular book lengths, etc. Definitely worth checking out if you get the chance. Obviously, it’s not the only source of market statistics out there, and it only includes data from Smashwords titles, but it’s still the most comprehensive I have come across so far. Given the number of titles published through the platform, do you think it’s reasonable to extrapolate this data to the eBook industry as a whole?

If you don’t follow Mark Coker’s blog, do yourself a favor and click that Follow button. You can read the 2017 Smashwords survey here.

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