August #AuthorTip: Protect Your Health

Continuing this post series with a tip for staying healthy:

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that writing can be hazardous to your health. It’s long hours of staring at a computer screen, typing away on your keyboard, writing in notebooks, or tapping on your mobile device. It’s a constant seesaw between imagining fictitious worlds and characters, and tedious practical planning and budgeting. You sacrifice your social life, your evenings, nights, and weekends.

But one thing you should not sacrifice is your health and well-being. Make sure your office setup is conducive to long hours of computer work. Invest in a good ergonomic keyboard, buy glasses that filter blue light so you don’t get eye strain. Take breaks to stretch your legs, drink plenty of water, and don’t skip meals. Get plenty of rest and exercise when you can, preferably outside in the fresh air.

Take the same careful care of your mental and emotional health. Don’t stress yourself over things you can’t control. Make backup plans so you don’t get caught off guard. Take time off to decompress and take your mind off things. Build a support system of friends and loved ones you can talk to about book stuff and life stuff–people who will drag you out of your hermit cave on occasion and among the living.

In short: don’t forget there is life outside of the one you’re writing about. 🙂

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