August #AuthorTip: Don’t Rush The Process

Continuing this post series with a tip for putting out a stellar book:

There are writers who want to write, and there are those who want to have written. It’s the difference between doing things right and cutting corners to get a book out quickly just to claim the title of a published author. One of these is more worthy than the other. Can you guess which?

No matter how you choose to publish, the process will take time. It’ll take time to…

  • write your book
  • find your publishing platform
  • get the book edited and proofread
  • get the book formatted
  • create a cover
  • finally publish the book

Depending on the length of your book and the publishing schedule (yours and your publisher’s), you’re looking at a timeline of 3 months to a year. My first book, published with Liquid Silver Books in 2010, was accepted in March of that year. It didn’t come out until September. And that was with a small publisher. My Indie books usually take about 2-4 months (2 for edits/proofreads, 1-2 for pre-order before live publishing).

You need to be patient with the process. Don’t rush through the edits and formatting–that’s how terrible mistakes make it through to publication. Don’t rush the pre-publishing/pre-order period–you need that time to promote your new release. There is absolutely no good reason why you would need to rush any part of this process, so think like a seasoned professional. Take the time to do it right. If you did your job right and built up some good buzz, your readers will be climbing the walls waiting for your new release. Industry secret: That’s what you want them to do.

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