August #AuthorTip: Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Continuing this post series with a versatile tip:

Don’t quit your day job–

–unless you have the funds or passive income to keep you in the lifestyle you’re used to while you write full time.

The hard truth is that writing/publishing is not a get rich quick scheme. In fact, there is no guarantee that your books will make any money at all, let alone enough to live on. If you don’t have enough savings to carry you through the dry spells or another source of income to pay the bills, don’t risk everything you have on a full-time writing career. You can still write while you hold down a job–most authors do. It’s harder, but it’s doable.

But aside from financial considerations, having a full- or part time job has other advantages, too. It gets you out of the house so you see sunshine, get out of your head, rewire your brain to something else for a little while. You meet people (a hard thing to do if you write from home full time) and have a unique opportunity to introduce them to your books. Will all of them be supportive or even interested? No. But if there is even one or two who decide to check out your books, it’s one or two more readers than you would have had otherwise. And if they like what they read, they are more likely to help spread the word because they work with a published author!

The people with whom you spend the most time are your most likely promoters. That means family, friends, and coworkers. Don’t underestimate the power of a captive 9-5 audience. 😉

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