August #AuthorTip: Stock Images/Videos

Continuing this post series with a tip for anyone who creates their own covers and other collateral:

If you’re making your own covers, invest in good stock images. They don’t have to be expensive; you can get them at about $0.60/image with one month’s subscription. Make a free account at a stock site like Depositphotos or Bigstockphoto, look for things you like and save them. Save dozens of them, because yes, you will need them. If you have books in the works, books planned, promo graphics planned, website graphics needed, you need licenses for all of those, so why not get them in bulk? Save up for a one-month subscription, plan ahead, save all the images you like, then buy that subscription, and download them all for pennies on the dollar they would cost otherwise. It not only teaches you to think and plan ahead, but saves you money in the long run, and gives you room to play, experiment, and evolve your future covers.

Bonus Tip: Bookmark this AppSumo webpage or sign up for their newsletter. They send you fantastic deals on apps, subscriptions, stock materials and more. Their most coveted deal comes by only once or twice a year and it’s for 100 Depositphotos stock images for $49. You can get as many of those deals as you need and, unlike with a monthly subscription, these downloads never expire so you don’t have to rush looking for pictures you like. Last year they introduced a Depositphotos video package, too. If you make your own book trailer/teaser videos, this is worth buying. Trust me, I know.

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