The path you choose to get your book into readers’ hands will determine how long it takes. However, many of the entities involved will likely be the same or similar. One word of caution before you proceed: Always do your homework and make sure you know the person or entity you plan to do business with. Research their background, business practices, Yelp! ratings (if applicable); check out their past customers, and reach out to them for references if you can. Being shrewd and business-savvy is a very good thing in this instance.


This is you. You’re starting out as a very tiny fish in a very big ocean. Look sharp.


The people in charge of bridging the gap between you and the big time.


The people who take your book and put it out for readers so you don’t have to do it yourself.


The megaphone amplifying your voice to the universe. They put you on the map.


The missing link between publishing and selling. They get you into stores.


AKA stores or storefronts, in charge of selling your book directly to readers.


A few things to note, and be aware of: Treat your readers with respect.


A player so big and important to the industry it gets its own section. Worth reading up on.