It’s always all about the fine print. In all the excitement of getting a book published, authors tend to skim over all that stuff so they can get to the fun parts. The problem is, all the important things are covered in the stuff they skim over, and it inevitably happens that when a problem arises, they go on the offensive right off the bat, not realizing this was actually covered in their contract or TOS. Trust me, you want to pay very good attention to these…

Great Big Important DISCLAIMER:

As with all content on this website, but especially this part: I am not an attorney, and none of the information written here is intended to provide legal advice. If you need legal help or advice, if there is something in your contract or TOS that you don’t understand, or need clarified, contact a qualified legal representative for a consultation.


What you’re signing away, along with your soul…

Terms of Service

What you’re agreeing to by publishing your book in a store.


Your intellectual property rights, domestically and abroad.


Identifier numbers for you and your books in international stores.

Pen Names

Things you never knew you might actually need to know.