Continuing this post series with a tip for celebrating your achievements:

The best thing ever for a writer is to see their book on a bookshelf–whether it’s their own at home or in a bookstore. But a lot of witers don’t publish their books in print. It can be expensive and/or time-consuming to set up a print book and they’re likely not going to sell very well because eBooks are more affordable for readers.

So how do you mark the glorious occasion of a release day if you don’t have a “trophy” to hold up?

Some people get their book covers blown up to poster size and framed. Other people do magnets, or scrapbooks. Some shrink the covers down into charms for a bracelet. Sensing a theme here? The idea is have something specific to the book and personal to you to commemorate its birth, and the best way to do that is by utilizing the most easily identifiable part of it: the cover.

My trick was to print cover flats. I would create a faux back cover with the blurb, my website URL, and maybe thumbnails of the other books in the series (if applicable). I would order 4×6″ color postcards from GotPrint with the cover on one side and the faux back cover on the other. This served two purposes:

  1. I now had something to add to my collection, which I could keep neatly contained in a simple photo album
  2. I now had something to give out when people asked about my latest release

Of course, I eventually had to go one step farther and make a custom album:

Since most of my books are now out in print and neatly filling my bookshelves, you’d think the album had become redundant. But actually, it’s become a neat trip down memory lane. It has preserved all the old covers my books used to have before I updated them. Good times…

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  1. Great idea about the custom album. I was checking out GotPrint website and they added a few new items. What caught my eye was the t-shirt 🙂 I would love my book cover on a t-shirt!

    1. I’ve only tried their printed products and vinyl banners (all of which are amazing) so far, so I can’t speak for t-shirt quality. However, I can recommend for that. I ordered a couple from them, and their quality is great. Well-made and the print looks amazing. You can do one-off orders or set up a store (like I did) and sell your designs. They specialize in cloth printing, so the design doesn’t rub/wash off so easily. 🙂

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