Continuing this post series with a tip for preserving your cool, publicly and internally:

You will never be able to please everyone and that’s okay. That’s life, and it’s all good. But be aware that, as a result, bad reviews will happen. It’s just a fact of writer life. You might even get terrible, rude, totally insulting reviews that have less to do with the book and more to do with the reviewer’s mood. Coming to terms with this now will make life much easier going forward.

Tips on how to handle bad reviews:

1. Have a private cry and share with your friends in private for emotional support
2. Read good reviews and feedback to offset the bad and remember how awesome you still are
3. Try to find something constructive in the review and use it to improve with the next book
4. if the review is abusive, report it through proper channels to the website where it was posted
5. Let it go, forget about it, and move on to preserve your own health and sanity

What you should NOT do, under ANY circumstance:

1. Rant/whine/complain about it online (including social media and your own website) where it will definitely affect your public image and business relationships
2. Argue with, attack, or slander the reviewer either directly or indirectly (this is childish, and just plain bad business)
3. In any way encourage your friends/readers/followers to argue with, attack, or slander the reviewer (this is bullying–don’t be that person)

Remember: Only you can prevent Facebook drama. Be the bigger person.

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