August #AuthorTip: Blurbs

Continuing this post series with a tip for navigating the hell that is writing book blurbs:

Try to write your synopsis/blurb/tagline before you finish writing the book.

The blurb is every author’s worst struggle. How do you condense a full novel into 150 words? Or worse, 2 sentences?! My cheat is to write them before the full story takes shape on paper. That way, I’m just telling the story to myself first, before I flesh it all out. I can always go back and nip and tuck what needs changing if the story veers dramatically off the course I set, but at least this way I have a base to work with if/when it comes to that.

It also helps to keep the book on track while I’m writing. It keeps me moving forward. I can look at that blurb and, if it’s good, I think, “That sounds like an awesome story–I want to read it!” Which means I have to write it. And if you come up with a catchy tagline, even better! You can print it big and put it up on your wall to keep you motivated when you get stuck.

Bonus Tip: Having a book cover in front of you can have a similar motivating effect.

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